Updated All Stat Inservices

Updated All Stat Inservices are now available!
Updated All Stat Inservices are now available!

Updated All Stat Inservices are now available!

All Employees are required to maintain ongoing inservice training.  These inservices are presented on various topics. Certified Nursing Assistants are required to show evidence of 12 Inservice credits annually. As a result, All Stat provides these inservices for all staff at no charge to meet our requirements as well as the requirements of their CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification.

Education is so important in an industry that changes constantly. In addition, a lot of misinformation is available. Have good resources is an important part of staying informed.

The Inservices are also a valuable source of education for clients, family members and other in our community who wish to be better educated about medical issues.

Each inservice consists of materials to download and read about various topics. These topics include

HIPAA Compliance, discussing HIPAA and how it effects you

AIDS/OSHA Training, discussing the latest information  on AIDS prevention

Universal Precautions, presenting techniques and information on infection control

Domestic Violence, an important discussion for everyone

Fire Safety, understanding how to stay safe in a dangerous situation

Hearing Impairments, recognizing hearing loss and the options available

Diabetes, recognizing the symptoms and preventative measures

Alzheimer’s Disease, understanding the disease and treatments available

and many others.

Employees must review the inservice material and then complete the identified quiz and score 70% or above to pass. Family members and others are welcome to test their knowledge as well.