Schedule Access

Our FREE Schedule Access program is designed to provide Family Members, Case Managers, Trust Officers, Guardians, Attorney’s and client representatives with specific information on Scheduling and vital Patient Information


All Stat’s Online Schedule Access App system has been completed and optimized for use on computers AND Mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets!

For optimal Mobil App use, click on the link below on your smartphone or tablet. You will be taken to the Schedule Access App Screen. Once at the login screen, save the site to your home screen. On an iPhone or iPad, click on the image of a rectangle with an upward facing arrow, located on the bottom of the screen. Then select “Add to Home Screen”. On an Android Device, go to the up right corner to “Open in Chrome”, then choose “Set to Desktop”.

You should then have an All Stat App icon on your desktop that will take you directly to the Schedule Access Login Page in the future.

If your have an Android phone that does not support Chrome, you can also save the location as a bookmark in your browser for easy access.

The new system is auto screen sizing, and includes all the tools you need to monitor and access data related to care. Please feel free to contact us at 941-923-0880 if you have any questions or technical support for installation or use.

Login in here with your username and password or enter “sample” and “sample” as the username and password to preview a sample of our FREE Online Schedule Access System!