All Stat Home Health offers several Benefits Plans for Staff.

Medical Benefits Plan 

All Stat offers an affordable Health Benefits Plan that provides wellness, major medical, inpatient hospital, outpatient surgical, laboratory, maternity, emergency and prescription drug benefits to employees.

Employees may also choose to purchase additional coverage to provide benefits for their children and/or spouse at an additional cost.

To be eligible, an employee must be under 65 years of age and work a minimum of 30 hours per week. An employee is not eligible to receive benefits if they have insurance coverage through a spouse or other employer.

Please contact the office for further details.

401K Plan

All Stat offers a 401K Retirement Plan for staff. All Stat, at its discretion, may provide up to a 100% matching of funds that the employee invests in their own account! In addition, All Stat 401K Plan provides for 100% vesting in only 5 years, based not on the entry date into the program but on the date of hire of the employee. In this way, we can reward those employees who have been with the company the longest! You can choose from various funds within the Wells Fargo Mutual Fund Family.

All Stat even provides FREE Financial Planning through Money Plan, a Sarasota Financial Planning and Investment Service. An investment counselor will either meet you at our offices or at your home, depending on scheduling!

Click here to download an overview of our 401k program.

MetLife Life Insurance

All Stat Home Health provides $50,000 in Life Insurance through MetLife Free of Charge to all eligible staff members! Employees must work a minimum of 30 hours per week, calculated over a period of 90 days to become eligible. Employees can add additional coverage for themselves, their spouse, and their children at their own expense. To review, download or print the complete MetLife Plan, click the link below. Staff members can also review the plan in the office, as well.

Click here to download a copy of the Metlife Plan.

Cafeteria Plan

All Stat offers a Cafeteria Plan which provide pre-tax savings on health expenses. Including prescription purchases, medical visits or treatment, dental care, vision care, etc.

Please contact us for more details on these valuable employee benefit programs.

Click here to download information about our Cafeteria Plan.