Philip V. Warman – President
Mr. Warman is a local resident of Sarasota. In addition to his ownership of All Stat Home Health, Mr. Warman is the CEO of a number of health related companies in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

Carmen R. Scoma – Administrator
Mr. Scoma has been the Administrator with All Stat Home Health since 1992. Mr. Scoma is responsible for all day to day operations of the company.

Theresa Smith, RN – Director of Nursing
Theresa has been involved in the development of many aspects of All Stat’s Patient and Employee Policy and Procedures Manual. She overseas all Clinical Staff in the field, including Home Health Aides (HHA’s), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) and Registered Nurses (RN’s).

Melissa Earle – Director of Client Services
Melissa has over 10 years experience in Guardianship and several years experience working in a Skilled Nursing Facility, prior to coming to All Stat 3 years ago. Her vast experience allows her to work as an advocate for seniors; ensuring the best possible care.

Millie Haglund – Financial Officer
Mrs. Haglund has been with All Stat Home Health since 1987. She has worked in scheduling, field work, supervision and bookkeeping. She currently is responsible for all Billing, Payroll and Financial issues for all of our office locations.


Steve Bloom – Staffing Coordinator
Steve is responsible for employee and client scheduling, application processing and payroll and billing preparation. He is an advocate for clients and staff, making sure scheduling meets the expectations of clients and their families.

Patricia Radziwill – Administrative Assistant
Patricia is responsible for employee and client time management, application processing and payroll and billing preparation. She also assists in documentation processing for clients and staff, making sure that their files stay up to date and accurate.

Sandy Kane – Billing Specialist
Sandy is responsible for processing paperwork for contract billing processing for a number of State and locally funded contracts which All Stat works under. These include contracts with Senior Friendship Centers, Charlotte County Human Services the Department of Children and Families and a number of others. She also works with clients to resolve billing questions and issues and acts as a patient advocate in dealing with insurance companies.


Sue Baker – Office Manager & Senior Staffing Coordinator
Ms. Baker is responsible for all staffing and supervision in our Port Charlotte Office. Her duties include scheduling, client liaison, employee coordination and scheduling, payroll and billing preparation and file management. Sue’s vast experience spans almost 20 years with All Stat! We are proud to have her on our team!