Ask the Administrator!

Do you want to ask the Administrator a question about Florida State Regulations for Home Health Care, questions about All Stat Home Health’s Policies and Procedures, or other related Health Care Topics?

Whether you’re an employee, independent caregiver, social worker, insurance agent, current or potential client, our Administrator has the answers or will research the question and get the correct answer.

Carmen Scoma has been the Administrator with All Stat Home Health since 1992. Mr. Scoma is responsible for all day to day operations of the company. He is an expert in matters related to Private Duty Home Health Care and Long Term Care insurance processing. He frequently provides seminars in the community on ways to simplify and navigate the Home Health System, from Skilled Nursing Care to Medicare Home Health to Private Duty Home Health and even use of policies for Assisted Living Facilities.

Mr. Scoma has saved his clients thousands of dollars by knowing the best way to utilize their Long Term Care Insurance. As well as, how to avoid common pitfalls in processing claims.

In a recent case, Mr. Scoma’s expertise in Long Term Care Insurance resulted in a client receiving payment from an Insurance Company for $136,000!!

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